June 06, 2007

welcome to cursed club member n° three

if you didn't read the post about cursed club member 02, check it out here: welcome to cursed club member n° two

now what happened next?

what I didn't say is that the so called wizard was banned from the forum I'm moderating for 14 days, as they passed, now he's unbanned, at least in theory, because what happened is, just few hours before or after that, or maybe few minutes, seconds & maybe in the same moment (why not?), what happened is he suffered from the same curse I & member 02 got!! scary huh? & weired coincidence if you don't believe in those things

here's a quote of a post of him in his own forum:
all members read please very important

hello Dear Freinds...
Iam So sorry iam sorry again
iam very very ill i cant open the internet but i open and make this theard coz i know many ppl will say ***** is scammer ,, please wait for me only 2 days i'll back :( and make all paymnets and akll bounss
so please wait for me i have a good suprises for my members please wait
i hope i come better soon:(
please dont say ***** scammer only 2 days maybe less but no more thanks.
& that post is from 06/03/2007, & there are no changes till now ...

some theories

don't know, what came to my mind was maybe his spells suffered from a bug because the reason for cursing me had vanished, so they returned against him ...

if we leave sorcery, curse & wizards theories, & say the strange timing for his unbanishment from my moderated forum & his banishment from the whole internet, was a coincidence, then a second theory would be maybe he hired some online racketeers to ban me & member n°2 (don't know how they're able to) then he didn't pay so they did the same to him ... I like this theory! :D

about me, things are a bit better but I'm still having troubles, and for most of them I only found temporary ways to work around using proxies & other tricks, but I'm pretty sure cursed club member n°3 will have much more trouble to find similar ways & I don't feel sorry for him at all!

... to be continued