June 13, 2007

murphy's law applications on airports & planes

if you're wondering what's murphy's law and/or want to see some of its strange & funny designations, checkout this: some of murphy's law strange designations

today I'm going to list some of murphy's law effects when applied on planes & airports:
  1. no flight goes in time, except flights for which you come late to the airport.
  2. if you are late for a flight, the departure will certainly occur from the furthest gate from the registration.
  3. if you are in advance for a flight, it will be delayed.
  4. no flight takes off from gate number 1 in any airport of the world.
  5. if you decided to work a bit during a flight, you will have to undergo turbulences as soon as your pencil touches your sheet of paper.
  6. if your seat is in the middle row, it's easy to know who will be your neighbors: look over there, the two fattest persons seeking their places …
  7. only the people having a place close to portholes have to rise to go to the toilet during the flight.
  8. if there is a baby who cries during all the travel, it is always placed on the seat beside you.