June 07, 2007

ok I'm ready! shoot dammit!!!

this story is one of the reactions one-second taser burst ... got, taserman story was related thousands of times & might be a bogus (not my opiniong though), but I think this one is real and original, and it's funny too (& crazy of course), it's related by manfred sideous on outbreak [toxin] forum, now, place to it ...

Some years ago me and all my buddies bought paintball guns. We were wanting to try somthing new we could all do together. So we buy them and cart them back to my buddies house and greedily rip open the packages and assemble everything. None of us ever shooting a paintball gun or be hit by one knew if they actually hurt to get hit by.

So we start prodding each other to see who will take the role as guinea pig. Finnally my pal Bob steps up (as he thinks they wont hurt much). So he goes and stands over at the wall removing his shirt so it wouldnt get paint on it. He faces the wall and puts his hands over his ears. Well by now we are all pretty eager to shoot or guns and we never really worked it out on who was going to take the test shots against him. So anyway were all fooling with our guns when he yells " OK IM READY SHOOT DAMMIT" OMG that was the wrong thing to say. All of us 4 (not including Bob on the wall) Opened fire with a hail of paintballs a mere 10 foot from him. Before I realised everyone else has also fired I must have squeezed the trigger 3-4 times. Im thinking to myself " O poor Bob O poor Bob hes gonna be pissed".

I swear the first paintball hits him dead center in the back on the spine. All you can see is paint splattering on his back Bob cussing and yelling and him dropping like a rock to the ground. After the first F * U * * * was yelled out everyone stopped firing. Bob is cussing and yelling and cussing more I think he used every cussword in the book and told us he would kill us all. At this point were all laughing so hard some of us are on the ground laughing and my buddy larry is laughing so hard he pees his pants ( yeah larry did that from time to time).

So after we all get control of ourselves we get Bob up and take him in the house so he can shower us and get the paint off him. When he came out of the shower thats when it hit us we felt so bad. Bob had about 15 2inch round welps on his back and they were starting to bruise and blister badly. LOL poor guy.

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