June 21, 2007

confusing mario bros scenes using legos

two videos, the 1st representing a scene from donkey kong ness & the second recreates a scene from super mario bros. 3, both were filmed using stop motion animation & made using lego blocks to emulate screen pixels.

the result is just incredible! checkout the videos & see by your self (animation looks so damn perfect that there's a big chance you think it's fake).

for skeptics, here's what the guys from bitflicks (who made the animations) say about their work:
Since lots of people have asked how the videos on BitFlicks are made we thought this week we would give you a little insight by posting our first video which kicked off the whole idea for the site. What you can see is a very basic quasi-stop motion animation. Quasi because there was actually only one LEGO block involved, which was photographed in multiple positions and then composited in a photo editing program as a multi-layer image. Producing the animation was then a simple matter of masking the LEGO blocks and then hiding or displaying certain layers. The end result was a simple stop motion animation that didn’t suffer from the usual random variations in lighting and position.

Of course we’ve since moved on to bigger and better approaches that yield much better results, it’s just that we’re not quite ready to reveal the secret sauce yet ;) .
post & video here
btw, googling I came across these photos of (in my opinion) disgusting mario & yoshi made using lego blocks