June 12, 2007

the bratisla boys: band from slovakistan

the bratisla boys were "officially" a band of 3 guys from the slovakistanese marine, named piotr, olaff & dvorjak, they met first in 1975 in gdaƄsk , poland, & decided to jump into music. from 1978 to 1983, they sold over 600 million albums in byelorussia, moldavia & uzbekistan!

unfortunately the success didn't last, so they decided to travel to western europe, they had to struggle till year 2002 to finally meet the success again, thanks to their single "stach stach", the song (& I'm not kidding here) kept n° 1 most sold single for 10 weeks in france during summer 2002!

I'll let you watch its video then continue with the bio, the song is in slovakistanese, rare people still speak it nowadays.

the album "anthologigi" including the single stach stach, is the only one known in france & western europe, sadly it is also the last one, because shortly after that, & while "stach stach" was knowing its amazing success, the bratisla boys disappeared tragically trying to make a new apnea record, they managed to set it to 19 hours! organizers were very happy, but 8 minutes later everybody started thinking there was something wrong. they were searched desperately with no result.

most of people say they're dead, but no one can affirm, the bratisla boys were known as great champions in apnea.

many french artists were staggered because of this sudden disappearance & decided to make an album as an homage to them, it was called "best-of Anthologigi", also entirely sung in slovakistanese. its most famous song was the single performed by gad almaleh: "its kyz my life".

the best thing to do to finsh, is to watch this highly touching song & video ...