June 01, 2007

weird associations from google ads

you may know about the latest french vote to elect the new president, nicolas sarkozy was chosen president of france on may 6h 2007.

but the photo above (it's from a blog) was taken the day of elections 1st round on april 22th, the percentage you see is not the final result as nicolas sarkozy won 31 % of the vote, anyways that does not import me (if it's important to you check out the details here).

what imports me are the associations google ads made with the "sarkozy" word

the 1st ad above says:

taser france
official site neutralize without hurting

what you have to know, is that nicolas sarkozy armed the french police with tasers when he was interior minister, he was very criticized because of that, as it seems the same gadgets used in usa caused the death of 10s of people ...

now the 2nd ad, it says:

play & win the green card & go to live in the united states

you may agree this one is even weirder than the first, just imagine the president of france (although he wasn't yet) helping people to quit france! the only explanation I could find to that ad, is that sarkozy is fascinated by the united states, its liberal system but also the way american politicians behave as if they were hollywood stars ...

I wonder if there are real subliminal messages google ads wanted to transmit, if so what they are?

I also wonder what sort of ads will I get on this page ...

it's also strange I posted twice stories with tasers in them isn't it?