May 30, 2007

the idiot ruling the world

I think everybody but those who don't want to face the truth know the world is ruled by a retarded, I mean of course, mr. george w. bush 43rd president of the united stats, I couldn't restrain my self from posting some pictures I was watching earlier, first & before anything else because they're hilarious ...

w. smoking weed is funny, but look at colin's face

is it photoshop or was he really walking that way?

"huh, huh, cool!"

micheal moore is ...

and the best for the end, my favorite, just keep looking at his face, I can't stop laughing doing that ...
at least adolf hitler wasn't that idiot ...

crazy motorcyclist & his friend

I heard this story in a reality tv show, some guy said he was a student in university & that someday a friend of his bought a motorcycle & offered to take him to school ..

our student's nightmare was going to begin, first the driver didn't allow him to cling to him, so he had to hold the seat he was on (very uncomfortable), then the things went worse when the ride started, they were going too fast & doing some dangerous Maneuvers, seems the driver rarely drove before, our friend was screaming "stop! stooop!!", but the other simply wasn't able to hear him because of noise & wind, then he was crying & his tears weren't falling towards the bottom, but as you may imagine, going towards his ears ...

finally they arrived at school, the student wasn't able to stand well and his face had turned yellow, & for the first time his friend noticed he wasn't good & asked: "what's the matter?" the answer was "I feel sick ...", so he crazy guy said: "ok, come on, will drive you back home".

May 28, 2007

welcome to cursed club member n° two


no, really this is extremely weird, I hesitated to post about this & I couldn't post anything today, I'm a bit bored, but something new happened & finally I decided to write a few lines ...

1st, do you believe in curse?

I mean, do you believe some people have some paranormal powers & can harm you using them if you do something bad to them? by bad, I don't mean evil, just bad for them even if it's right.

well in fact if they have those powers, I guess they can too use them just because they want to, then we wouldn't wonder if curse exists but if those supernatural powers do.

let's start the story ...

let's say I'm moderating some forum, and some member got banned by me because he was spamming, then, he could know somehow I banned him.

then, he managed to let me know he would for that ban me from the whole internet!

I did take that maybe 30% seriously, because anyone could do some harmful things to you if he wants, for example, that guy knows some info about me as my user-name on that forum & some other places, some basic information in my profile & can easily know all blogs & sites I'm running ... there are different things a mean-spirited person can do using that information to harm anyone, maybe you can guess some of them, I won't list them here.

but I didn't imagine what he was threatening me of was in reality what I now call: a "digital curse". what happened is that shortly after that, I couldn't get to the forum & to other sites I used to visit daily, yahoo! messenger stopped connecting & not just for me, but seems the whole country has the same problem!! add to that, some other little details as connection slow or broken, bugs on some sites, things that drove me crazy!

honestly, I believed at once the problems were because of that wizard (or whatever he is), how can that be a coincidence??!!!

as I said above, I didn't want to write about that, although things are barely better & I'm cursed for 8 days now, I'm just used to that now ...

but as I said, something new happened ... yesterday, the wizard threatened a friend of mine to ban him equally & gave him an ultimatum, which finished today & after which, guess what? another poor guy got cursed! he got blocked from getting to the sites he used to, too ...

that's why, now & sadly, I welcome member number two to the cursed club!

this story might have a follow-up, maybe will be weirder, & maybe we will know more about our wizard ...


here's what happened next: welcome to cursed club member n° three

May 27, 2007

mr. stupid from

if you type "stupid" in google, the 1st site showing is, the site is owned by a crazy guy naming him self mr. stupid.

the first thing you may notice in the main page is the header, you can read: oh, no! you arrived at ...

then you'll see many flashing banners promoting some weird stuff, then in the bottom is the best place on the web to eat up your free time. Here you'll find Novelty Candy, Gag Gifts, Stupid Jokes, and Stupid Games. ... Our Stupid Buyers comb the world looking for silly, weird, and useless things for us to sell. Many of them are found NOWHERE ELSE! ...

Just remember, things are Pretty Stupid at, so don't be surprised by some of the stupid things you find inside. You've been warned!

then your curiosity might drive you to click on the "Enter our stupid world..." link, to find your self on a page full of even more flashing weird banners ...

but let's go back to the main page, if you're curious but also wise enough, you will click on the apple to be able to meet "the wiseguy behind"
This is Gary Apple
(the goofy-looking guy with the glasses is his assistant)

here's a funny passage from mr. stupid bio:
Gary writes all the product descriptions that you read on In fact, he designs the web pages and creates the graphics, too. He even wrote this bio you're reading, pretending someone else did it. It's pathetic.

now, let's show the serious side of mr. stupid or ... ok ... gary apple, check out a video of him singing about war here:

May 26, 2007

ufo or just some bad actors?

well, this is above all, a test for embed videos codes from a french videos host, but also to show you some weird people doing their best (in my opinion at least) to amaze us with some little movie including some special effects

OVNI (Auvergne) - wideo
OVNI (Auvergne) - wideo

this video was made in auvergne, france & supposed to show a ufo filmed by some guys who were taking a walk in nature, but I think I know french people enough to see when they are authentic & when they're just doing some bad acting like on the video ...

maybe I'm wrong, who knows, that could be true too.

May 25, 2007

exclusive: an original & very confusing illusion

I've been lately seeing many of those optical illusions in which you're 1st supposed to see something then a hidden thing appears suddenly to you, click here for an example

this one I found is different, just watch this video:

done? have you noticed the illusion? maybe you'll need to watch again ... anyways, the answer is hidden in one of these posts:

May 23, 2007

some of murphy's law strange designations

before going to designations let's talk a bit about murphy's law & its history ..

from 1947 to 1949 in the usa, the project mx981 took place on muroc, base of the us air force (named later edwards base). the purpose of the project was testing the human tolerance for g-forces during rapid deceleration. tests was using a railroad track propelled by a rocket sled mounted on it, with a series of hydraulic brakes at the end.

after initially using humanoid crash test dummies, medical doctor john paul stapp took their place performing tests. to measure the g-forces, edward murphy proposed using electronic strain gauges attached to the restraining clamps of stapp's harness. murphy's assistant wired the harness, and a trial was run using a chimpanzee.

the sensors provided a zero reading, however; it appeared they had been installed incorrectly, with each sensor wired backwards. It was at this point that a disgusted murphy made his famous pronouncement: « If that guy has any way of making a mistake, he will ».

principle: this law has two aspects:

  • one is obviously a hoax (“malicious nature” would not miss an occasion to bait the poor experimenter), and offers a convenient explanation to the errors of handling (one even came to say “to transform a false result into a right one, it is enough to add to it a constant of the same variable dimension adequately selected and named “murphy's constant””);
  • the other aspect is of statistical type: if many people handle an apparatus and there exists a one & only way to make a mistake, there will be statistically people who will do it. And it is of course of them only that the after-sales service will intend to speak. this second form of the law is confirmed by experiments. one of its corollaries, the law of finagle, sets up a pessimism law.
what interests me as you may have presumed is the 1st aspect, here are some of its strange & paradoxical designations & corollaries:
  • the maximal bother law. it seems it has a military origin. it states: "if there's a fault in a battle plan, there's a big chance the enemy will exploit it. this law is prior to murphy's, & might be from the first world war.
  • the bonaldi effect, relatively known in france in reference to jérôme bonaldi demonstrations failing on the TV shows "nulle part ailleurs" then "on a tout essayé" whereas succeeded during the repetitions.
  • similar to it, the demo effect: an object, software, etc., used daily with no incident, would present a dysfunction during a demonstration, especially in public. exemple : bill gates' presentations of different windows, ending with a famous error on a blue screen.
  • the slice of bread and butter law: a slice of bread and butter almost always falls on the buttered side. in fact the probability depends on the quality of the carpet ...
    talking about this, here's an interesting corollary: the slice / feline paradox: « slice of bread and butter laws affirm definitely butter must touch the floor while feline aerodynamic principles strictly refute the possibility for the cat of landing on the back. If the assemblage of a cat and slice of bread had to land, nature wouldn't be able to resolve this paradox. that why this kind of assemblage never falls »
generaly: murphy's law is reflexive, & acts on itself. nothing guarantee an event will go awry when precisely, according to murphy's law, one expects it. this may drive us to assertions such as: « it will start raining as soon as I start washing my car, except when I wash the car for the purpose of causing rain. » or this one students know well « an exam always starts with fifteen minutes of delay, except the day you come fifteen minutes late. »

to emphasize the paradoxal aspect, we can say it this way: « murphy's law always shows to be true, except when we try to check if it is. »

finally, I will let you meditate on this other paradox by silverman: "if murphy's law can go wrong, it will."

is death the worst?

I'm not a philosopher, but some times I have some weird or maybe just stupid thoughts ..

Today it was this one: is death really the worst thing that can happen to anyone?

I was in a car & thought, what if we had an accident, I probably will either die or get paralyzed, then what would be the worst?

I think as many, I would prefer the 2nd option but my point is simply that dead people don't suffer, have you heard about someone unhappy or in pain because dead? maybe worse than death is not death itself but the fear of death ..

people suffer - or are just sad or bored - because of many things, even things causing joy to some might have the contrary effect to others, death - for the dead person of course - in not among those things .. well at least not in this life ..

answer mentioned in post: exclusive: an original & very confusing illusion it's in fact an "audible illusion": a very bad song & performed very badly by a very bad singer ...

May 22, 2007

ever heard of diaper lovers?!!

I came to write this article only by accident, was looking for information to make some other crazy post; did you hear of "diaper fetishism"? let's start with some quotes to get what "diaper fetishists" or "diaper lovers" are:
Diaper fetishism is a paraphilia in which a person feels a strong desire to wear or use diapers without physiological necessity. It is differentiated from infantilism in that those of the latter category are also focused with returning to babyhood in ways other than by wearing diapers. The popular term for diaper fetishists is "diaper lover."
wikipedia - diaper fetishism

An Adult Baby (AB) is someone with a desire to engage in ageplay. It involves roleplay and a desire to regress to a young age, acting and being treated like a baby. It usually involves the wearing and use of diapers, possibly baby clothes and other items and being taken care of by a caregiver (mommy or daddy).
baby matts diaper page

Diaper Lover's just like to wear diapers, maybe with plastic or rubber pants, or a comfortable diaper cover. Some prefer cloth diapers, while others like disposables such as Depend, Attends, Abri-Form or Molicare adult diapers.Adult Babies like to wear diapers, but also enjoy other babyish things. They may wear baby or sissy clothes such as Onesie-like snap-crotch T-shirts, rompers or play suits. They tend to like more colorful diaper covers and even frilly ruffled panty-style covers.

Adult Babies may also enjoy drinking formula from baby bottles, or eating baby food. Generally they like to be treated totally like a baby during this play time, being changed, bathed, and even spanked by their partner who serves as their Mommy or Daddy.

the two sites above* baby matts & dailydiapers are categorized adult sites although they have nothing to do with porn or sexually-explicit material, the first one even require a registration before you can see its content; I don't quite understand the "why", it's said it's their commitment to protect minors ... when I tried to find some funny photos to post here I was disappointed, pictures I found weren't that funny for some but mostly were sex orientated.

* in fact there are 3 sites above but
wikipedia is a bit different. :p

May 20, 2007

strange drawing hands

my friend from tricks & illusions would find this one interesting as it represents a tricky drawing of two hands one drawing each other, a little confusing ..

there's a third hand we can't see above, the one that drawn the weird illustration, not an illusion that hand but creative & talented ... maybe this is not the perfect example for what I'm going to say: creativity & craziness are strongly linked ..

weird thing happened to a poor rat

ok this is old but still it's weird, a dead rat on street is something common, but painted as this one is is hard to imagine .. the 1st question one can have is a basic one: how could that happen?! then there are some others: how long is this poor rat there? was it killed by a vehicle then painted by another or killed & paited in the same time?

well, those were the first crossing my mind when saw the picture but you are right if you said they're stupid as well as: was it dead at night or in the day time? was it a suicide? was the rat painted before or after getting crushed?

May 16, 2007

favoritism in kingdom of animals, is it strange?

it might appear strange that even animals practice favoritism, as one might see in humans families. some would find favoritism weird & irrational when humans do it; but some also see animals as pure and free of bad sentiments humans have, then this picture & what it seems representing is even stranger to them ..

my opinion: there's nothing odd in the picture, the mom would feed her other son when finished feeding the first & might stand on this last as she did with his brother ... but what do I know??!!

May 15, 2007

saguenay crazy drunkards

in saguenay, canada, people are known as real drinkers, the photo below show how extreme is the level of their craziness ... I have a weird question here, where did they find those so damn big glasses??!!!