May 30, 2007

crazy motorcyclist & his friend

I heard this story in a reality tv show, some guy said he was a student in university & that someday a friend of his bought a motorcycle & offered to take him to school ..

our student's nightmare was going to begin, first the driver didn't allow him to cling to him, so he had to hold the seat he was on (very uncomfortable), then the things went worse when the ride started, they were going too fast & doing some dangerous Maneuvers, seems the driver rarely drove before, our friend was screaming "stop! stooop!!", but the other simply wasn't able to hear him because of noise & wind, then he was crying & his tears weren't falling towards the bottom, but as you may imagine, going towards his ears ...

finally they arrived at school, the student wasn't able to stand well and his face had turned yellow, & for the first time his friend noticed he wasn't good & asked: "what's the matter?" the answer was "I feel sick ...", so he crazy guy said: "ok, come on, will drive you back home".