May 28, 2007

welcome to cursed club member n° two


no, really this is extremely weird, I hesitated to post about this & I couldn't post anything today, I'm a bit bored, but something new happened & finally I decided to write a few lines ...

1st, do you believe in curse?

I mean, do you believe some people have some paranormal powers & can harm you using them if you do something bad to them? by bad, I don't mean evil, just bad for them even if it's right.

well in fact if they have those powers, I guess they can too use them just because they want to, then we wouldn't wonder if curse exists but if those supernatural powers do.

let's start the story ...

let's say I'm moderating some forum, and some member got banned by me because he was spamming, then, he could know somehow I banned him.

then, he managed to let me know he would for that ban me from the whole internet!

I did take that maybe 30% seriously, because anyone could do some harmful things to you if he wants, for example, that guy knows some info about me as my user-name on that forum & some other places, some basic information in my profile & can easily know all blogs & sites I'm running ... there are different things a mean-spirited person can do using that information to harm anyone, maybe you can guess some of them, I won't list them here.

but I didn't imagine what he was threatening me of was in reality what I now call: a "digital curse". what happened is that shortly after that, I couldn't get to the forum & to other sites I used to visit daily, yahoo! messenger stopped connecting & not just for me, but seems the whole country has the same problem!! add to that, some other little details as connection slow or broken, bugs on some sites, things that drove me crazy!

honestly, I believed at once the problems were because of that wizard (or whatever he is), how can that be a coincidence??!!!

as I said above, I didn't want to write about that, although things are barely better & I'm cursed for 8 days now, I'm just used to that now ...

but as I said, something new happened ... yesterday, the wizard threatened a friend of mine to ban him equally & gave him an ultimatum, which finished today & after which, guess what? another poor guy got cursed! he got blocked from getting to the sites he used to, too ...

that's why, now & sadly, I welcome member number two to the cursed club!

this story might have a follow-up, maybe will be weirder, & maybe we will know more about our wizard ...


here's what happened next: welcome to cursed club member n° three