May 22, 2007

ever heard of diaper lovers?!!

I came to write this article only by accident, was looking for information to make some other crazy post; did you hear of "diaper fetishism"? let's start with some quotes to get what "diaper fetishists" or "diaper lovers" are:
Diaper fetishism is a paraphilia in which a person feels a strong desire to wear or use diapers without physiological necessity. It is differentiated from infantilism in that those of the latter category are also focused with returning to babyhood in ways other than by wearing diapers. The popular term for diaper fetishists is "diaper lover."
wikipedia - diaper fetishism

An Adult Baby (AB) is someone with a desire to engage in ageplay. It involves roleplay and a desire to regress to a young age, acting and being treated like a baby. It usually involves the wearing and use of diapers, possibly baby clothes and other items and being taken care of by a caregiver (mommy or daddy).
baby matts diaper page

Diaper Lover's just like to wear diapers, maybe with plastic or rubber pants, or a comfortable diaper cover. Some prefer cloth diapers, while others like disposables such as Depend, Attends, Abri-Form or Molicare adult diapers.Adult Babies like to wear diapers, but also enjoy other babyish things. They may wear baby or sissy clothes such as Onesie-like snap-crotch T-shirts, rompers or play suits. They tend to like more colorful diaper covers and even frilly ruffled panty-style covers.

Adult Babies may also enjoy drinking formula from baby bottles, or eating baby food. Generally they like to be treated totally like a baby during this play time, being changed, bathed, and even spanked by their partner who serves as their Mommy or Daddy.

the two sites above* baby matts & dailydiapers are categorized adult sites although they have nothing to do with porn or sexually-explicit material, the first one even require a registration before you can see its content; I don't quite understand the "why", it's said it's their commitment to protect minors ... when I tried to find some funny photos to post here I was disappointed, pictures I found weren't that funny for some but mostly were sex orientated.

* in fact there are 3 sites above but
wikipedia is a bit different. :p

7 comments: said...

Yes, I have heard of Diaper Lovers. I am one. I enjoy wetting my pants in public, peeing in a diaper, and all sorts of other pee related fun. I can't explain it, but it seems more normal to me than spanking or shoe fetishes! For that matter, I like diapers and wetting, but not the Adult Baby stuff - thats just creepy.

Anonymous said...

Ya i am a DL too. but all that other DL porn stuff is so creapy!

Anonymous said...

I am a diaper lover. the adult baby side of things is not at all my interest, but i wear diapers just because I like the feel of it. I don't like boxers or briefs, just diapers for their comfort. If you want pictures of diaper lovers like me go to You'll have to do some surfing around to find any good or humorous pictures.

Anonymous said...

I am a DL myself. I live with my parents and plan on telling them soon. I enjoy wearing and peeing in diapers. I love the warm feeling.

Anonymous said...

i am 13 and want to be a baby but i can't find anyone to help me for free and that won't tell my folks

Anonymous said...

I heard that of course because I am Diaper Lover .

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Anonymous said...

LOL!!! I can't say I have, but how disgusting....

I have 4 grown children now, but 16 years ago my youngest son was still a baby---and I still have vivid memories of standing stooped over his crib railing pulling off rubber pants at change time, and unfastening those big old plastic capped diaper safety pins everyone used to fasten babies cloth diapers back then.

Not once did the thought ever cross my mind to diaper up! Takes all kinds....