May 27, 2007

mr. stupid from

if you type "stupid" in google, the 1st site showing is, the site is owned by a crazy guy naming him self mr. stupid.

the first thing you may notice in the main page is the header, you can read: oh, no! you arrived at ...

then you'll see many flashing banners promoting some weird stuff, then in the bottom is the best place on the web to eat up your free time. Here you'll find Novelty Candy, Gag Gifts, Stupid Jokes, and Stupid Games. ... Our Stupid Buyers comb the world looking for silly, weird, and useless things for us to sell. Many of them are found NOWHERE ELSE! ...

Just remember, things are Pretty Stupid at, so don't be surprised by some of the stupid things you find inside. You've been warned!

then your curiosity might drive you to click on the "Enter our stupid world..." link, to find your self on a page full of even more flashing weird banners ...

but let's go back to the main page, if you're curious but also wise enough, you will click on the apple to be able to meet "the wiseguy behind"
This is Gary Apple
(the goofy-looking guy with the glasses is his assistant)

here's a funny passage from mr. stupid bio:
Gary writes all the product descriptions that you read on In fact, he designs the web pages and creates the graphics, too. He even wrote this bio you're reading, pretending someone else did it. It's pathetic.

now, let's show the serious side of mr. stupid or ... ok ... gary apple, check out a video of him singing about war here: