June 30, 2007

carrots & a missing ear, any common points?

this is a real story a friend of mine told me ... well he said it was real ...

it's a guy who wanted to get married, then he had to go to his future wife's father & ask officially for his agreement to the marriage, he chose his best friends to go with him, but one of them was a crazy man who never missed an occasion to make remarks & tease people, knowing this naughty habit in him, the fiance & his other friends make him promise never to open his mouth while they are visiting the girl's daddy.

that done, they finally went all 4 or 5, the daddy received them, installed them in a comfortable place, they had some coffee & started discussing various topics.

but, there was a problem with our crazy friend, although he was keeping silent as he promised, he couldn't concentrate on anything else but a detail concerning their host: the old man had an ear missing, he had only the hole from which he can hear, but no external ear, & our friend was looking at it attentively ... all time ...

all was going probably to end without any incident, if the host, seeing our friend silent while all others were having an exciting conversation, didn't start trying to make him participate, he started inquiring him about himself & what he was doing in life ...

our friend was silent for a reason, but his eagerness to speak was huuuuuge, & since he was chased to talk, he wasn't going to pronounce words to answer stupid questions, but to express what was going to cause him a heart attack, he said:

  • sir, do you know carrots are good for sight?
  • yes?
  • then eat carrots, a lot of carrots, raw, cooked, boiled, fried ... just eat carrots & say "I didn't eat enough" ...
  • yes, but why you're telling me this?!
  • because you know, if you loose your sight, you won't be able to wear glasses!!