July 01, 2007

play it strange, artistic & poetic

exploring the web I came across a weird flash game full of symbols & poesy, if you expect a regular flash game, challenging & addictive, you won't be served, instead of that, this game was made to be a peace of digital art.

the name of the game is: game, game, game and again game (click to play & enjoy btw ;))

here's what's his author jason nelson says about it: "game, game, game and again game, is a digital poem/game/net artwork hybrid of sorts. There are 13 curious levele filled with poetics, hand drawn creatures, scribbles backgrounds and other poorly made bits. The theme (cringe) hovers around our many failed/error filled/compelling belief systems, from cosumerism to monotheism. But more, it repels the tyranny (cringe) of clean design and cold smoothness of much of the web/net-art."