July 27, 2007

strange things with planes

danger sign: plane and carlet's see some weird & original things with planes & aircrafts.

for example, we hear often that planes are the safer transport means & that more chances are there that you die in your way to the airport than in plane crash; just to confirm this fact, do you know that more people are killed by donkeys annually than are killed in plane crashes?! (I remind you a donkey is also a transport mean).

first, here is a series of planes photos in strange positions because of mysterious events I don't know & can't guess, they might be things like the one illustrated in the sign above ... anyways, enjoy & try to guess by your self!

an aircraft in water
reactor hit an airport vehicle
military aircraft n a car
plane not in its placenow something really extreme:

now more pictures with planes, only this time it's not about accidents:

advertisement with planeI promised it's not about planes crashes or accidents, this one in fact is an advertisement ... of what? of the shop or whatever is in that building ...

open cockpitthis is what I call the convertible aircraft, I didn't know it was possiple to fly safely without a closed cockpit, especially on this kind of high speed/altitude planes

lions and planewell, the most amusing for the end, it seems preflights in africa sometimes look like this!