July 28, 2007

extremely strange animal: camel spider

incredible facts about a very weird animal that lives in the sahara, the camel spider, in fact it's not a real spider according to wikipedia, it belongs to the solifugae order while spiders belong to the order araneae.

well, before relating the unbelievable & extremely strange facts on camel spiders, and to have a more clear view on them, it's a good idea to watch this short video:

now the facts!

the term solifugae is derived from latin, and means "those that flee from the sun". in the day time camel spiders always try to hide from the sun, that's why they could run after your shadow; one of the first things people say is "they chase you OMG!". if you hear someone saying that just say: "yeah, it's because they're after a shady spot and your big dumb body probably produces a lot of shade.".

more weird and even more scary, camel spiders can grow over two feet in length. they have a potent venom that numbs your flesh and dissolves it.

they can also lay eggs under your skin which have a gestation period of three months before they burst and dig their way out.

after their pupal stage, they grow wings for a short period and fly around, looking for preys so they can grow bigger. adults can get up to three feet in length, and eat small domestic animals.

they often burrow under the sand in large groups, waiting in ambush, to attack animals as large as cows and horses (and camels) as a pack.

camel spiders, can climb walls and hang from ceilings, to drop on unsuspecting people (or animals).

they are highly intelligent and live in gregarious burrow societies. They can scream and have a highly developed language!

archeologists and biologists discovered odd geometric shapes in the desert, camel spiders build small structures out of sticks and sand!

more scary and worrisome, if you're not careful, they will steal your car, and take your kids and raise them in the wild and teach them to bite tourists!

camel spiders beg for coins on street corners; they can play the violin and they write calligraphies with weed stalks and compose classical music when they aren't busy devouring things.

based on true comments from a youtuber


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