August 04, 2007

hey! we are all dumb!

I mean we all who asked google how many horns were there on a unicorn, that's the topic of a post on some blog, it's called People is stupid too. - Dumb things people search for.

I don't deny it is dumb, but you can realize it's not that dramatic when you know the reason behind it, people weren't wondering about the number of unicorn horns, they were just checking out what google had to say ...

post author wasn't obviously aware of the fact that if that search query was made that popular, it was first, because of previous similar cases in which google gave clear answers to less or more philosophical inquiries (one of them was the answer to life, the universe and everything!!!); the second reason is the the big popularity of social bookmarking sites, on reddit for instance the query got a lot of success published under the name: Google answers another important question.

well maybe all that doesn't excuse doing search on unicorns horns & writing articles about them, it's still dumb anyways I guess, but sometimes it's good to take a rest of smart & intellectual things, & just try to be cool & to have fun, am I wrong?

ps: to understand this post better you my check my post on unicorns horns.