August 06, 2007

what sort of bizarre art is this?

I understand it's not supposed to have any sort of logic as it's a "work of art", but the problem is that I can't see anything artistic in it either ... it's just something weird & confusing, I can't see the beauty of art in it, or let's say, I can neither see the way it's intended to stimulate my senses & mind nor the emotions it should be transmitting to me?

I'm talking about three photos from eight made in a series for the magazine mode depesche n°5, january 2007, cologne, the full series was published on (try to explore the site, there are many other interesting works).

to be honest it only succeeded to make me laugh! I'm I missing something? is it my art insensibility? or is the matter all about the art work itself?


Misssy M said...

It just looks like my husband trying to put the duvet cover on...

Mumu said...

LooLLL!! =))

Nice to see you here Misssy! :)