August 01, 2007

car on wall or graphic illusion?

google earth image of a car on wall - den haag / netherlandsclick to enlarge

first when I saw this map on google maps, I didn't believe it was actually a car on wall but a graphic illusion as what I'm often seeing lately, an illusion made especially to trick satellites; if you don't get what I mean, you may want to check some of the great 3d graphic illusions on tricks & illusions.

in fact it's actually a car parked on a wall! well, it's not defying gravity laws, but an art work by theo van laar in the town of den haag / netherlands, below are two interesting photos of it by harry van reeken:

google earth car on wall photograph from earththe "spider car" photographed from earth

google earth car on wall photograph at nightlooks very beautiful viewed at night

see also the car on google maps clicking here, or click here for a view on google earth

you may want to see also google earth view to the largest "marry me" ever.


Anonymous said...

Haha I love that!! XD lol