September 04, 2007

you're american if look at a world map and see this:

I posted previously the world map as it's supposed to be seen by americans, you could see in it how south america is defined as coffee land, north africa as ... "sand" & india as curry land!

I recently found out two other maps representing how americans look at the world, I wonder if they're actually made by some americans, maybe some kids, who knows? or some republican texans? anything can happen, I guess I humbly proved that from the few contributions I made on this blog.

well, enough boring words, place to the two pictures, in fact they are not as detailed & funny as the first one (in my opinion at least), but there are some new good points in each of them, enjoy!

the american world
the world according to americansclick on images to enlarge

the first map can be seen here: the world map according to america