September 12, 2007

probably the most retarded numa numa

most of you must know the video with the hilarious karaoke of gary brolsma on the song dragostea din tei by o'zone, and also the crazy choreography accompanying it, the video quickly became very famous, maybe more than the original song itself, one of the most popular copies on youtube (& there are a lot), was watched till the time I'm typing this, 5,581,559 times (all time 39th most viewed - entertainment category), favored 31186 times (all time 8th most favored - entertainment category). the video & the song are most known now under the name "numa numa".

there were a lot of people who next tried different things with the "numa numa" song, some are really interesting, there's particularly one I might post later, but today, let's watch one I came across yesterday by chance & laughed a lot at it, it's a guy who just believed he could be the new swidish idol ... I think he achieved more ... enjoy & if you didn't see the original numa yet, it's the second video.