December 08, 2007

beware! spider behind the clock!! - huntsman spider

can you imagine your reaction seeing what appear like the legs of a huge spider of twelve inches (30 cm) behind a clock inside you house? the guy who took the photos bellow had sufficient courage to remove the clock & take the pictures! I'd have rather, crushed the clock against the wall with the spider behind it! imagine you go to remove the clock & that thing starts running! omg! what a nightmare!

what's even stranger & scarier with this spider, is how big it is & (I guess) heavy & in the same time being able to climb a vertical & smooth surface like this wall!

huntman spider behind clock
huntman spider on wall
huge huntman spiderclick on pictures to enlarge

this spider is commonly known as the huntsman spider, scientifically it constitutes the "sparassidae family", & the larger specie of it is most called the wood spider in australia as it prefers to live in forests, mine shafts & other woody habitations.

huntsman spider can be found in australia, new zealand, south africa, southeast asia, the mediterranean, florida, hawaii & possibly other tropical and semi-tropical regions.

huntman spiders are not venomous or deadly to humans, only they might bite if provoked but that would result on minor harm to the victim, australians who find these spiders in their houses, usually relocate them to their gardens instead of killing them considering them "good & useful" animals as they feed on smaller but venomous spiders, scorpions & other insects.

by the way, you would maybe like to check my post on the scary camel spider as well, very interesting information there (trust me).


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