October 03, 2007

little indian super usher star - history

below are two videos of a little movie & dance star, an awesome indian "kid" dancing like usher or mickael jackson (probably better if you consider the age he seems to have).

the first video especially is a real must see, the second is a short scene in which the "kid" doing some funny acrobatics.

beneath the two videos is some information I gathered about the little dancer & the clips, then anoher video lol! enjoy! :)

I made some searches, & it seems the two videos with the kid are taken from a southern indian movie called "apoorva sahodarargal" ("strange brothers" in english).

the little kid dancing is not a kid actually but a midget, a 20 years old adult the time the film was shot. the role was played by kamal hassan, who played a double role: the midget appu, a sircus clown, & his twin raja, a mechanic.

in the first video, there are two midgets in fact, appu but also the second person sat on the bed from right hand side.

hmm .. as a bonus, here's an american parody of the first video: